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Shona’s Treatment (Recovery) Update for Week #9:

Just a quick update in my first ‘recovery’ week.

Without the daily trips to the clinic I feel a bit lost. I guess to some extent that’s a feeling everyone gets at Christmas, the dates and days get all mixed up, and everyone is frantic about when the shops are closed. But here we’re quite isolated so I feel those things are more stressful. I’m getting slightly agoraphobic here in my safe hotel room.

I’m pushing to practice being in the wheelchair for longer, but the nerve sensation in my back and legs is just so different and stranger than it was before. Sometimes I’m just pins and needles all over. My skin is reacting to being zapped as well which doesn’t help comfort levels – it looks like a huge angry splotch of sunburn, and hurts like it too. Pictured – how many pillows can one wheelchair hold! Each is an attempt to relieve a quirk of nerves playing up.

I am glad that I’m coming home in the new year, it feels like the beginning of a fresh chapter of my life. Post-treatment is psychologically such a different state of mind. We spent so long waiting to find out what the next step would be, radiation or surgery, and then once I was ready to leave for treatment there was still weeks of waiting anxiously.

Now we have more waiting, for the effects of the treatment, but it’s done.

There’s nothing more for me to do than let my body fight this, let it do it’s thing.