Day's Events,  Medical Update

Busy August

Quick medical update because if I try to write a detailed post I’ll overthink it.

I’m mainly in the care of the oncologist now, and just seeing the surgical team occasionally for check ins.

Plan is now radiotherapy treatment first!  Which is in part a relief, because a second major surgery would be really hard on my body and now we know the tumour is very vascular there’s the risk of bleeding out again. But it also feels like inaction, because now I’m waiting again

We’re applying for the government grant to fund Proton Beam Therapy. I’m desperate for it, it would be so much better than regular radiation. I don’t want to go through all this treatment just to die of a secondary cancer in 10-20 years. They’ve done the staging and shown that my left ovary is completely enclosed in the treatment area, and more than a quarter of my uterus. Add to that the fact that radiation would shine through through to kidneys, bladder, bowel, cervix, the list goes on.

Even with Proton Beam my nerves are at risk of damage. The main concern for fertility would be scar tissue around my uterus which would stop it from expanding safely.

So I’ve been doing IVF egg collection. I’m due to have the eggs sucked out in a couple of days. I want to make a proper post about it because it’s been an experience.

And Joey arrives tomorrow to visit from London for a whole 4 weeks.

Which means I’ve moved back to dad’s 100% of the time. I’m learning how to handle his house, the stairs, the hill up the drive way. It’s another process of adapting.

So a lot has been happening. It’s keeping me busy, and I’m glad. No matter what happens, I’ve been able to narrow my focus enough to enjoy each day as it comes. I still occasionally get paranoid about wasting limited time, about getting fit enough and healthier in what ways I can, but it’s been alright.

It’s getting easier.