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    On the title

    The phrase “wine-dark sea” is the traditional English translation of reference in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey to the colour of the ocean.

    It has been debated and I haven’t seen its use in any of the more recent translations, but I think it’s an excellent reference to the great romance that has followed study of Homer.

    When I think about what defines the Classics as a discipline it’s the grand inheritance of knowledge in a field which always looks back to antiquity as our ancestors in medicine, art, literature, philosophy and faith. You can’t look at Homer without also looking at how every big thinker and school of thought also considered him. Everyone has their own agendas and influences, but I think we’re all looking for something larger than ourselves – the product of a long oral tradition masterfully brought together into what we know of the Homeric works certainly suggests it might provide that for us.

    I thought it was suitable as a title for this blog because it is suggestive of  moody and turbulent seas – my metaphor for a journey through a difficult period in my life.

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  • Intro

    The blog begins!


    This is going to be a big work in progress and  a steep learning curve for me – but the main point of it all is to have a place where I can express myself, my hopes and my fears, where I can keep track of how far I’ve come, and hopefully serve as some kind of lesson or helping guide, or moral support for others.

    I don’t know…I don’t have grand ambitions or anything. I’m just going to try to provide what I wish I could have had.

    It’s mid-semester break at uni right now, and I’m waiting on test results before anything medical can progress. So I guess the first few posts will be Classics related.

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